Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for the Pathways to Success program?

No. The program is provided free to families by participating high schools.

Are Pathways to Success meetings for students or parents?

The simple answer is “both.” Students and parents bring different perspectives to the information, and Pathways to Success meetings present something for everyone. Having said that, sometimes students aren’t able to attend and parents come to meetings instead. Other times, parents aren’t able to attend and students come to meetings by themselves or with another family. Still other times, grandparents, aunts, and other relatives attend. Whatever works best for your family works for us.

Am I required to attend every meeting?

Nope. You’re welcome to come to whatever meetings you’re able to attend. You can get additional information about topics from other families or from visiting this website.

My school doesn’t offer Pathways. Can I attend your meetings?

Pathways to Success is sponsored by the schools that offer the program; as such, attendance is restricted to families attending participating schools. We suggest that you speak to your high school’s principal and encourage them to offer Pathways at your school.

I find the Pathways to Success information helpful, but want one-on-one coaching for my child. Can you help?

Sally Smith is an independent educational consultant (college coach). You can review her website at https://www.pathwayscollegecoach.com.