Seniors: Elk Grove Regional Scholarships Open!

Seniors: Elk Grove Regional Scholarships Open!

Every senior should apply for Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation scholarships. There are more than 150 scholarships up for grabs for EGUSD students. Every year, many scholarships are not awarded because no one applies for them.

The EGRSF application process is a bit cumbersome, but well worth the effort. Start by creating an account at Next, review the list of scholarships ( and determine which you’re eligible for. After that, complete the first application online (for subsequent applications, your basic application information will autofill). Keep in mind that different scholarships have different requirements in terms of essays, letters of recommendation, etc. Read the directions carefully!

But here’s the important part…. After submitting an online application for a specific scholarship, you have to print out your submission, sign it in two places, and turn it in to your school’s Career Center. The submission consists of the application, transcript, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and essay (if required).

You want to apply to EVERY scholarship for which you’re eligible. That can mean a ton of printing, signing, and stapling, so make sure you have enough paper and printer ink. Although the application deadline is January 25, don’t wait until the last minute. (Seriously, all of the printing, collating, and stapling takes a long time.)